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Alignment Savvy Setup

STEP 1: Lay It Down


Facing the desired target, place the towel on the ground using the top edge (golf ball icons) and alignment arrow to line up toward your target. Aim and align based on your shot type and shape. For example, aim the arrow left of your desired target for a cut or right of the target for a draw. Leave room at the top of the towel to place your ball one club head length away. (SEE IMAGE UNDER BALL POSITION)

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Savvy Setup Stance and Ball Positioning

Step 2a: Find Your Spot


The colored boxes at the bottom of the towel can help you find the best position for your feet based on the club you're using and the type of shot you want to make. Experiment with different colored boxes and narrow or wide positions to find the best stance for your game. 


  1. Keep your feet an equal distance apart from the center line and move the ball forward as your club gets longer.  
  2. Keep the ball in the middle of the towel and move your trail foot down the towel. This ultimately changes the ball's position by changing your stance width and moving the ball up toward your lead foot while staying centered on the towel. 

Note: Everyone will have different needs based on their swing style and ability. Try different positions and experiment to see what works best for your game.

Posture Savvy Setup

Step 2 cont: find your spot


Good posture starts with an athletic stance, knees slightly bent while letting your hands hang freely underneath your shoulders. When you grip the club, your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet should be square to the towel.

Need help to find the best posture and distance from the ball? In that case, reposition your Savvy Setup towel so it’s long ways and you’re facing the “Posture Tee” on the right side of the towel. Align the towel using the short end aligned towards the proper target. 

Next, stand over the towel with both feet along the sides using the colored boxes along the edge of the towel to find the proper distance & posture. Each club will be slightly different due to the length of the club and the shot shape or flight you desire. 


The towel is 12” wide, which may be too wide for your stance. If it feels uncomfortable, then we recommend folding the towel slightly keeping the boxes on the outsides so you can narrow your stance while finding the proper posture.

Ball Placement Savvy Setup

Step 2 cont: Find your spot

Ball Position

Use the different golf ball icons at the top of the towel to determine where to place the ball for your swing, club type, or shot shape. Use the club head of whatever club you're going to hit to measure the distance away from the towel to place the ball. Select what ball position you like, if you're unsure, see below for a starting point. 

Typical ball positions to start with could be:

  • Short Irons: Wedge - 8 iron Middle of Stance on the center line
  • Middle Irons: 7iron - 5 iron ½ - 1 Ball Forward of the center line towards the lead foot or move your trail foot slightly down the towel widening your stance. 
  • Long Irons/Hybrids/Woods: 4iron - Driver 1.5 + Balls forward to inside lead foot heel or move your trail foot further down the towel widening your stance more. When using a driver, you might have to adjust the lead foot slightly to get the heel of your foot more toward the center line.
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Step 3: Hit The Shot