• Savvy Setup Magnetic Golf Towel and Training Aid Driver Setup

    ⛳️ Lay It Down

    The towel is designed with user-friendly icons that make setting it up a breeze. These icons provide step-by-step instructions for perfect setup every time.

  • 👉 Find Your Spot

    Place the ball down above the towel using the golf ball icons for reference. Then use the stance boxes at the bottom to find the perfect stance width for each club.

  • 🏌️ Hit The Shot

    Improve your game by experimenting with various positions and witness the remarkable growth in your performance. Achieve flawless draws and precise cuts effortlessly.

  • 💡 Skills & Drills

    Focus on key areas for improved scoring results and witness your game transform. This versatile towel caters to all aspects of your game, from tee to green.

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How Does It Work?

It's a towel and training aid. Simple as that!

Savvy Setup for alignment, stance, posture and ball position.



Facing the desired target, place the towel on the ground using the top edge (golf ball icons) and alignment arrow to line up toward your target. Aim and align based on your shot type and shape. For example, aim the arrow left of your desired target for a cut or right of the target for a draw. Leave room at the top of the towel to place your ball one club head length away. (SEE IMAGE UNDER BALL POSITION)

🎥 Watch Alignment Video Here
Savvy Setup Stance and Ball Positioning



The colored boxes at the bottom of the towel can help you find the best position for your feet based on the club you're using and the type of shot you want to make. Experiment with different colored boxes and narrow or wide positions to find the best stance for your game. 


  1. Keep your feet an equal distance apart from the center line and move the ball forward as your club gets longer.  
  2. Keep the ball in the middle of the towel and move your trail foot down the towel. This ultimately changes the ball's position by changing your stance width and moving the ball up toward your lead foot while staying centered on the towel. 

Note: Everyone will have different needs based on their swing style and ability. Try different positions and experiment to see what works best for your game.

▶️ Watch Stance Video
Posture Savvy Setup



Good posture starts with an athletic stance, knees slightly bent while letting your hands hang freely underneath your shoulders. When you grip the club, your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet should be square to the towel.

Need help to find the best posture and distance from the ball? In that case, reposition your Savvy Setup towel so it’s long ways and you’re facing the “Posture Tee” on the right side of the towel. Align the towel using the short end aligned towards the proper target. 

Next, stand over the towel with both feet along the sides using the colored boxes along the edge of the towel to find the proper distance & posture. Each club will be slightly different due to the length of the club and the shot shape or flight you desire. 


The towel is 12” wide, which may be too wide for your stance. If it feels uncomfortable, then we recommend folding the towel slightly keeping the boxes on the outsides so you can narrow your stance while finding the proper posture.

👀 Watch Posture Video
Ball Placement Savvy Setup


Ball Position

Use the different golf ball icons at the top of the towel to determine where to place the ball for your swing, club type, or shot shape. Use the club head of whatever club you're going to hit to measure the distance away from the towel to place the ball. Select what ball position you like, if you're unsure, see below for a starting point. 

Typical ball positions to start with could be:

  • Short Irons: Wedge - 8 iron Middle of Stance on the center line
  • Middle Irons: 7iron - 5 iron ½ - 1 Ball Forward of the center line towards the lead foot or move your trail foot slightly down the towel widening your stance. 
  • Long Irons/Hybrids/Woods: 4iron - Driver 1.5 + Balls forward to inside lead foot heel or move your trail foot further down the towel widening your stance more. When using a driver, you might have to adjust the lead foot slightly to get the heel of your foot more toward the center line.
Watch Ball Position Video 🎥

Step 3: Hit The Shot

Hit The Shot

Take your golf game to the next level with our expert drills and skills!

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Does Your Current Towel Make You A Better Golfer?

Elevate your golf game with the Savvy Setup Golf Towel – an essential addition for golf enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the hassle of losing your towel on the course because we've incorporated a powerful magnet into our design. This magnet allows you to easily attach the towel to your golf cart, snap it onto your clubs, or retrieve it without bending over – keeping your towel within reach, even on the green.

What sets our towel apart is the inclusion of icons and instructions directly printed on the fabric. Whether you're an experienced golfer or a beginner, you're covered. Clear and straightforward instructions are provided on the towel itself, guiding you through each icon's purpose and usage.

But that's not all – we understand that improving your golf setup might require more in-depth training. That's why we offer a FREE video series that will walk you through every step, helping you fine-tune your golf setup to perfection.

In essence, the Savvy Setup Golf Towel is not just a towel; it's your ultimate golf companion and training aid rolled into one. It's designed to enhance your golfing experience and help you play better golf every time you step on the course.


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Stop struggling with your golf swing. Get the Savvy Setup and take control of your game with a simple tool that helps you eliminate the slice or hook.

Skills & Drills

More Ways To Use The Savvy Setup Golf Towel & Traing Aid

Dead Hands Chipping Drill

🎥 Dead Hands Chipping Video 👀

⛳️ The Dead Hand Wedge Drill is fundamental to help you develop better control and touch around the greens. In this drill, the golfer utilizes a "dead hand" technique, minimizing the wrist action during the swing. The goal is to rely on the shoulders and arms to execute the shot, creating a more consistent and accurate strike.

Here's how to perform the Dead Hand Wedge Drill:

Set Up: Address the ball with your normal wedge stance and grip. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your weight slightly favors the front foot.

Dead Hands: Keep your wrists firm and stable as you take your backswing. Avoid any excessive wrist hinge or manipulation during this phase.

Controlled Swing: On the downswing, maintain the "dead hand" feel, and let your shoulders and arms guide the club through impact. Avoid flipping or releasing the wrists prematurely.

Impact: At impact, make solid contact with the ball, keeping the hands and wrists firm to control the shot's trajectory and spin.

Follow Through: Continue the controlled motion through the follow-through, with minimal wrist movement. The goal is to finish with a balanced and steady position.

Benefits of the Dead Hand Wedge Drill:
1. Develops better distance control on short shots around the greens.
2. Encourages a more consistent and repeatable swing motion.
3. Helps prevent mishits and shanks by reducing excessive wrist action.
4. Builds confidence in executing precise wedge shots for improved scoring.

Incorporate the Dead Hand Wedge Drill into your practice routine to fine-tune your short game skills and elevate your overall performance on the golf course. Remember to focus on maintaining a steady and controlled swing, and soon, you'll see your shots become more accurate and reliable. Happy practicing! 🏌️‍♂️⛳️🎯

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Towel Target Chipping Drill


Introducing the "Towel Target Chipping Drill" - a fun and effective way to improve your chipping accuracy and distance control on the green using the Savvy Setup Golf Towel as your target!

Here's how to do it:
Set-Up: Place the Savvy Setup Golf Towel on the green, choosing a distance that suits your chipping skill level. The towel's size (12" x 40") gives you the perfect width and depth to utilize multiple techniques, trajectories, and clubs for the same target area.

Chipping Spot: Stand anywhere around the green or in the fairway, just like you would for a typical chip shot. Position the ball in the center of your stance and take a moment to visualize your shot landing close to the towel.

Focus on Technique: Use a smooth and controlled motion as you swing. Let your arms and shoulders guide the club through impact, keeping your wrists firm to maintain accuracy.

Landing area: The goal is to land the ball on the towel as your target, allowing it to roll smoothly toward the hole or desired stopping area. Focus on the trajectory and distance, adjusting your technique as needed. Land next to the towel for accurate green reaction and roll out.

Hit and Repeat: Take multiple shots at the towel target, paying attention to the feedback each shot provides. Gradually increase the difficulty by moving the towel to different locations on the green.

Benefits of the Towel Target Chipping Drill:
1. Improves your chipping accuracy and consistency.
2. Builds confidence in executing delicate shots around the green.
3. Enhances your ability to control the distance of your chip shots.
4. Fun and engaging practice that will keep you motivated to improve your short game.

The Towel Target Chipping Drill is an excellent way to elevate your chipping skills while adding an element of excitement to your practice sessions. So, grab your Savvy Setup Golf Towel and head to the green to experience the joy of hitting chip shots with precision and finesse!

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Birdie Range Green Speed Drill

👀 Watch The Birdie Range Green Speed Video HERE 🏆

Welcome to the Savvy Setup Towel Speed Drill - a game-changing practice routine to dial in your putting speed with precision and confidence. Using the unique stance boxes on the towel, you'll develop a consistent and smooth putting stroke that is perfect for every round of golf or practice session.

Problem: Not knowing how far back to take your putter for those birdie range putts.

Possibility: Knowing exactly how far the ball will go when you take the putter back so you can confidently make more putts.

How: Using the stance boxes, towel edge, tees, and a ball marker.

3 Balls Down & Back Speed Drill
Understand precisely how far to take the club back for 3 - 23’ putts.

1. Lay the towel out on a flat section of the green. If you can't find a flat area, find something as straight as possible up and downhill.
2. Get 3 Golf Balls without any blemishes, cuts, scrapes, etc.
3. Place golf tees every two boxes from the center line; one putter head away from the towel. This way, you use the boxes and tees for reference. 4. Make sure to do this for the backswing and the through swing.

Hit three balls using the same mental temp or metronome at 72-80 beats per minute (bpm). Nerd talk, I know, but it works. Download a FREE app or use the example below.

Example: Take the club back while saying “Smooth and Groove” for 72 bpm or “Birdie Putt” for something a little faster, around 80 bpm.

Getting Started
1. Place the ball in the middle of the towel or slightly forward, lining your putter face up with the center line.

2. Stand on the towel if needed, utilizing the stance boxes for reference.

Your first putter swing will be the length of one putter head or two colored boxes. Each box is 2.25”, and when you combine, it’s the average size of one putter head, 4.5”. Swing the same distance back and forth using your metronome or cadence from above.

3. Walk out, count your steps, and find the middle of the balls. Put a tee down and hit back from that spot. Note: One adult step is about 3’, so make sure you know your 1-step distance average to use it on the green later.

4. Hit the three balls back from the tee location with the same one-putter head swing. You don’t have to move the towel for this one. Use your putter head and place a tee one putter head away from the tee you are using as your center ball position. Do this in front and behind for reference.

5. Walk back and find the middle of the three golf balls again. Now, place a tee down and step out the distance from that tee back to the center tee from before. That’s your one putter head distance. It should be around 6’ or so.

Repeat with:
2 Putter Heads and four boxes
3 Putter Heads and six boxes
4 Putter Heads and eight boxes
5 Putter Heads and ten boxes

Depending on the speed of the greens and your putting cadence this should cover the typical birdie range putts out to around 20+ feet.

How to use this on the course…
Step 1 - Walk out your putt from the ball to the flag and get the distance in steps. That way, you can think back or have it in your notes for the day how many steps each putter head is in step distance.

Step 2 - Is it up or downhill? Subtract or add steps depending on the slope and break of the putt.

Step 3 - Mentally or physically, use your putter head to find a spot behind the ball that you need to take the putter head back to and make your practice swings.

Step 4 - Make every putt straight by finding a target to aim at the left or right of the hole.

Step 5 - Step up and confidently hit the putt towards your spot.

Putting is a sublime art where comfort, confidence, and finesse converge. It beckons you to embrace your imagination's paradise, freeing your mind to weave magic on the greens. So, let go, trust your instincts, and watch your putts roll to the cup. 🎨⛳️🌟

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Start Line and Gate Drill

🎥 Watch Start Line & Gate Drill 👀

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The Start Line and Gate Drill is a game-changing exercise designed to hone your putting accuracy and build a consistent, on-target stroke. By utilizing the Savvy Setup Towel's innovative design, you'll master the art of starting your putts on the right line every time with the proper setup.

How It Works:

Setup: Lay out the Savvy Setup Golf Towel on the green's putting surface. Position the towel to create a clear start line towards the hole. Roll a few puts from the centerline to make sure it's straight.

The Gate: Using your putter head, place a golf tee just outside the toe and heel of the putter.

Finding Your Start Line: Find the spot just above the towel edge your putt was rolling over and place a ball marker or coin down. The flatter, the better, so the putt rolls true past the marker.

The Stroke: Execute your putting stroke with a smooth and controlled motion, hitting the ball and allowing your putter head to swing through the tees without hitting them. Maintaining a consistent tempo ensures the ball rolls effortlessly along the intended start line and rolls over your marker that's 20" away or at the end of the towel.

Adjust and Improve: Pay close attention to any deviations from the start line and make necessary adjustments to your setup or stroke. Repeat the drill multiple times, reinforcing muscle memory and developing a natural feel for the correct start line.

If you push or pull a putt you will see the ball roll over the edges of the marker or miss completely.

If you hit one of the tees when swinging through, you will miss the center of the club face, which could be a setup issue. Try moving forward or backward depending on what tee you are hitting.

This is a great time to adjust stance, posture and ball positions to see what creates the most accurate stoke on the golf ball.

Benefits of the Start Line and Gate Drill:

1. Precision and Accuracy: By training your eyes and hands to start the ball on the right line, you'll significantly improve your putting accuracy.

2. Consistency: Repetition of the drill builds muscle memory, helping you repeat the proper stroke consistently during actual rounds.

3. Confidence: Knowing you can consistently start your putts on the desired line boosts your confidence and reduces anxiety on the greens.

4. Visualization: This drill enhances your ability to visualize the path of the ball, which is crucial for successful putting.

Mastering the Start Line and Gate Drill with the Savvy Setup Towel will elevate your putting performance and lead to more made putts on the course. Embrace the challenge, and watch your putting accuracy soar to new heights! 🎯⛳️💨

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Hitting Up Driver Drill

🎥 Watch Hitting Up Drill 👀

Unlock the Power of Your Driver with the Positive Angle of Attack Drill!

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Achieving the optimal angle of attack with your driver can revolutionize your distance and accuracy off the tee. With the Positive Angle of Attack Drill using the Savvy Setup Golf Towel, you'll discover the key to launching high, low-spinning drives that carry effortlessly down the fairway.

How It Works:

1. Setup: Tee up your ball at the desired height for your driver swing. Place a folded Savvy Setup Golf Towel about the length of your grip in front of the ball, parallel to the target line.

2. Finding the Sweet Spot: Position the ball just inside the edge of the Savvy Setup Towel to create the ideal ball position for hitting up on the ball at impact.

3. The Positive Angle of Attack: As you address the ball, maintain a slight tilt away from the target. This sets up a positive angle of attack, encouraging an upward motion through impact.

The Swing: Execute your driver swing, missing the towel.

Visualize the Flight: As you practice the drill, visualize your drives soaring high off the tee, reducing spin for a more penetrating ball flight.

Review and Adjust: Observe the ball's flight and trajectory after each swing. Take note of any variations and make adjustments to your setup or swing as needed to achieve the desired positive angle of attack.

Benefits of the Positive Angle of Attack Drill:

1. Increased Distance: Hitting up on the ball promotes higher launch angles and lower spin rates, leading to longer, more powerful drives.

2. Consistent Ball Flight: Mastering the positive angle of attack results in a more consistent and predictable ball flight, eliminating the dreaded slice or hook.

3. Confidence off the Tee: Knowing you can launch your drives with a positive angle of attack boosts your confidence and helps you play more aggressively off the tee.

4. Optimal Launch Conditions: The drill helps you optimize your launch conditions, ensuring the ball carries further down the fairway for shorter approach shots.

Embrace the Positive Angle of Attack Drill with the Savvy Setup Towel as a crucial component of your driving practice routine. By mastering this technique, you'll unlock the true potential of your driver and gain a competitive edge on the course! 🚀⛳️💨

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  • Size

    12" x 40" When laid out and only hangs about 21" from your bag, cart, or anywhere you want to hang it.

  • Material

    Crafted with high-quality, absorbent microfiber material, the towel provides exceptional moisture absorption and works great for cleaning your clubs or golf ball.

  • Maintenance

    The towel is machine washable (air dry), making it easy to keep clean and ready for your next round.

  • Design

    On one side, it serves as a versatile training aid, offering valuable support to enhance your game. The other side has a sleek appearance, perfect for using on the golf course or driving range.